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Turtle Taido Time is fun time for the kids!

Who is Turtle Taido?

Turtle Taido is a cute bubbly turtle on a thrilling adventure to all the cities in Nigeria and around Africa. He has a special power which he uses to help people and other animals.

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Turtle Taido captures the spirit of adventure, telling a story of cultural diversity and promoting global unity. Each Turtle Taido item has been carefully designed and embellished with a unique African pattern.

Turtle Taido Game Show

Our award-winning Game Show is a delight for kids across the country. Be a part of it by registering your school today. There are lots of great prizes for the kids to win!

We created Turtle Taido to give children something to love and learn from, so come on, give your kids all the fun and reward they deserve.

Muyiwa Kayode

Turtle Taido Creator

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